We Are Caught Falling

Plywood, poplar, photographs, paper, ink, gouache, stainless steel, spray paint, rocks, mirror, walnut, speakers

Monte Vista Projects, Los Angeles.
October 2010.

We Are Caught Falling is imagined through a set of objects and their re-presentations in photography and sound, and the installation reveals the scene of a magical accident. A nebulous meteorite is caught on one side of an incomplete cube. Snagged in an instant, the amorphous shape unfolds, exposing its structure, balancing within a web of sound and reflection.

The objects exploit changeability of form through a series of sculptural and sound elements. They unravel their internal relationships as well as the lattice of their surroundings. As the quasi-crystalline structure is caught, falling, we are caught too, reflected in its descent. It poses the inescapable question: how long can we remain in stasis before the act of falling resumes?