Borders - Syria/Hungary


Monoprints; Intaglio; Sculpted aluminum plates.
41” x 29”

Borders juxtaposes partial images of the international borderlines of Syria and Hungary through a series of large color Monoprints, made from sculpted aluminum plates.

The plates were carved from the mapped edges of Syria’s northern, western and Mediterranean borders, and Hungary’s southern border, as well as non-specific forms that question the specificity of borders. The edges of these conflicted territories hold between them some of the most fraught and critical international migratory and xenophobic relationships of our time.

Through multiple printing processes of traditional intaglio printing, relief printing, overprinting, ghost printing, and partial printing, the images of these plates float in different relationships of opposition, various geographical positions, and literal merging and overlapping.

The logic of color for this work begins with ink separations of the colors of the two countries’ flags– black, white, red, green– as well as mixtures of those same inks.