Fragments and Folds


Aluminum, spray paint, paper, ink, wood and muslin.

In Fragments and Folds, printed and painted works on paper and metal are in a continually emerging, obscuring and improvised conversation with each other. Shapes, fragments, lines and curves have been recycled from previous projects and invented from entirely new improvisations.

I put these elements into a cycle of drawing, carving, printing and obscuring, and then rediscovering the process by finding new shapes and fragments in the process. The aluminum plates were carved and filed into shapes that refer to fragments of maps, to folds and shapes in previously folded prints, and sometimes to entirely new shapes. The prints were made by relief and mono printing with various selections of the shaped aluminum plates. All of the paper works were rolled through a large etching press multiple times to create the many folds and compressions of the paper. The aluminum fragments received multiple layers of spray-painting.